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Let the experienced and unbiased professionals at Canyon State Servicing Co., LLC., provide the Account Servicing Services that you or your business can trust.

As specialists in the escrow and account servicing field, our expertise enables Canyon State Servicing Co., LLC to handle the orderly transfer of payments from a Seller to a Buyer in a competent, expedient and low cost manner.

An account servicing company is, by definition, an unbiased third party which has a fiduciary responsibility to each party to the account. This impartiality allows both parties to feel confident and at ease during the course of the transaction. In this day and age of rapid growth in real and personal property sales, it is imperative that specialization be provided to assure the orderly acceptance, delivery and administration of payments from Buyer to Seller.

Our account servicing department utilizes the most current technology and software available today. We have been the authors and developers of many innovative software programs widely used in the title and escrow industry.

3333 E. Camelback Road, Suite 112    |    Phoenix, Arizona 85018    |    Account Servicing: 602-224-5980    |    Fax: 602-224-9393