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The Principals and Staff of Canyon State Servicing Co., LLC have been meeting the needs of the business community since 1976.

Locally owned and operated, Canyon State Servicing Co, LLC., is one of the largest independent servicing companies in Arizona. With a combined expertise level of 135+ years supporting the account servicing industry, Canyon State continues its pursuit of excellence one satisfied client at a time. Our reputation is built on our outstanding customer service levels. We pride ourselves on answering our phones promptly, knowing our customers, responding quickly and accurately to requests while never losing sight of the importance of courtesy.

As specialist in the account servicing field, our staff thinks “outside the box” to create a win/win for buyers and sellers while never loosing site of our fiduciary responsibility to each party in the transaction.

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What We Offer for You
Tailored Options
Focused on client’s needs.
Electronic Disbursement
And collection of funds.
24-hour Account Access
to information online.
Impound Accounts
Taxes, Insurance, HOA
Document Custodian
Document Custodian
Investor and Delinquent
Why Should You Choose Us ?

We work with change-oriented executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions.

Privately owned and operated since 1976, Canyon State Servicing is one of the largest independent Account Servicing companies in Arizona.

Our committed team of professionals has 135+ years of combined expertise in the account servicing field. We can handle the most complex transactions and complicated wraps.

Our friendly staff responds promptly to requests, provides personalized service with an emphasis on resolving issues quickly and accurately.


Wrap-around loans are a form of seller financing where Instead of applying for a conventional bank loan, a buyer will sign a loan with the seller. A wrap-around loan takes into account the remaining balance on the seller’s existing loan at its contracted interest rate and adds an incremental balance to arrive at the total purchase price. Under a wrap, a seller accepts a secured promissory note from the buyer for the amount due on the underlying loan plus an amount up to the remaining purchase money balance. The new purchaser makes monthly payments through Canyon State who in turn has the fiduciary responsibly for making the payments to the seller and underlying lender(s)